The best cuts of meat to use when making jerky

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Beef jerky happens to be one of the yummiest snacks out there. It has an extremely high protein content and happens to be low on carbs at the same time. 

This particular snack happens to be a hit amongst runners and athletes. It contains all the necessary nutrients that they require to work for building their muscles and fulfilling their sodium requirements. 

It is also to be duly noted that preparing the right quality of beef jerky is no child’s play. It requires a lot of patience and techniques. It is definitely not for the faint-hearted. 

One of the most important aspects to consider while preparing the right quality of beef jerky is selecting the perfect cut and quality that does not comprise of extreme amounts of fat and has a chewy texture at the same time.

Seasoning is another essential aspect that requires you to get your ingredients right with utmost patience. 

Though, one of the essential areas of making the right jerky still remains to be selecting the right cuts of meat.

Here are the best cuts of meat that any jerky lover should choose.

Bottom Round

This part of the meat is extracted from the leg muscle. It is the exterior part and happens to be the toughest and cheapest of all cuts available. It contains the least marbling. It is also delicious and lean. If you are looking to make the best beef jerky, then this is the cut you should be considering.

The only issue with this cut is that it is tough, and hence it needs to be cooked slowly and well. However, this can be taken care of quite quickly as the jerky needs to be prepared for extended hours at a low temperature. You may also cut it into thin pieces to cook the denser muscles with ease.

Topsite / Top Round

This particular piece of beef cut does not look like the bottom round, although they share similar traits. The round beef jerky cut happens to be more tender, although it is lean and tight at the same time. This makes it one of the cheapest beef cuts available. This particular cut is undoubtedly one of the best in the market as it offers a burst of flavors. It gives you the feasibility to make streaks out of it through intense tenderization and marination.

This happens to be extracted from a cow’s leg muscle and happens to be thin, delicious, and quite affordable at the same time. It is a fantastic choice in case you are planning to make jerky at home. All you need to do is cook your jerky at comparatively higher temperatures and wait for it to turn brown outside. You may then simmer the jerky for approximately 6 hours.

Flank Steak

This is one of the most used cuts for making jerky and grilling. The flank steak’s coarse texture offers tender yet sumptuous bites when you cut slice it against the grains in thin pieces. 

This particular jerky cut is extracted from the rear legs and is found right below the loins section. It is bold and meaty, which makes it the perfect choice for making jerky. 

One of the biggest challenges of this meat cut is its price, as it is extremely high in cost. 

Ground meat

This particular version of meat can be extracted from any part of the body. In case you are looking to make the most slender and delicious meat jerky, you might want to consider ground meat as it is quite easy to chew. 

The cuts are carefully chosen to ensure that the jerky is natural to eat when it is prepared generously. In case you are making this at home, ensure that you have a jerky gun to slice your meat into the pieces you desire.


Selecting the right piece of meat is everything when it comes to preparing beef jerky. In case you happen to be someone who is just beginning with their culinary journey, the points mentioned above are surely going to help you get the right dose of flavor. 

Take your time to understand each meat cut to select your preferred choice before you resort to making your beef jerky.



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